The 4X4 Fest Plus

4×4 Fest is the only event in Italy entirely dedicated to the world of all-wheel drive that can rely on the capacity of modern and highly specialized exhibition facilities equipped with a modular pavilions system able to meet any exhibiting needs, with an intensive schedule of races, shows, meetings, technical tests on tracks set up at the beach and at the well-known Carrara marble basins, thanks to a unique surrounding location that stretches between the Tyrrhenian coast and the most famous white marble quarries in the world.

The 2015 edition of the trade show saw a turnout of over 30,000 visitors, many of them from abroad, thus showing an increase compared with the record of the more than 29,000 visitors registered in 2014. On the side of exhibitors the show counted with the presence of 175 companies (among them, 8 foreign) distributed on 40,000 square metres, half of them in the halls, at the presence of the mother companies of the most influential automotive brands.

Our workteam is actually focused on the enhancement of the international appeal of the event, on the dynamism and spectacle of the performances – ever since, the real “trademark” of the event – and on broadening the range of commodities represented by the show, with the intention of opening the doors to the world of off-road motocycles.

OBJECTIVES OF 2016 EDITION: 4×4 Fest reaches in 2016 its 16th edition, with the clear objective of:

  • Connector.

    Area or Test Drives

    on the track and on the beach

  • Connector.

    Jeep tour

    to the marble quarries

  • Connector.

    Off-road events

    for motorcycles

  • Connector.


    Pajero Italy World Club Meeting

  • Connector.

    Show of famous Pilots

    related to 4×4 and to rallies, with the possibility of bringing the public on board of vehicles

  • Connector.

    Show of the vehicles

    attending the Parigi-Dakar

  • Connector.


    with speaker and deejays on stage

  • Connector.


    flying school performances

  • Connector.

    Organisation of competitions

    for a greater involvement of off-road club

Maintain and expand the consensus and appreciation of the off-road world, SUV, quad, off-road motorcycles; Increase the promotion and communication of the event activities with the specialised press, social and online portals; Expand the already numerous side events of great impact and involvement for the audience of enthusiasts who make the event a really unique experience.